Hey all you badass athletes of CrossFit Surmount, Happy New Year! If you are here, you are doing something special for yourself every time you walk through that door. Every time you lace up your shoes and chalk up your hands you are doing something extraordinary for YOU that should be celebrated!

As this new year moves along at full speed, the CrossFit Open approaches. What is the Open? It is the precursor to the CrossFit Games, aka the Super Bowl of Crossfit…

Imagine going to the Olympics but having no idea what the event is going to be. All are encouraged to participate. No matter what your fitness level, sign up, you will have a blast! Personally I got my first muscle up during the Open, it’s legit. Consider all the workouts we do all year long as preparation for the Open.

That being said, the New Year offers a chance for reflection. Ask yourself, what do I do that “waters down” my workouts? What are some small tweaks that will make my workouts more effective? Are there some reps that I cheat? Am I really matching the movement standards? For example, is squatting below parallel an issue for me? What can I do to get there?
Do my wall ball shots always hit the target? If they don’t, do I still count them when no one is looking?
These things matter. They matter for your fitness, for your conscience, and your integrity.
It is important to be respectful of the movement standards of a workout. This means that when the clock starts and the adrenaline gets pumping, we take the time to move correctly and safely.
Ask yourself- are you here to put better scores on a whiteboard, to create some false digital image— or are you here to get better, stronger, and faster?

The quickest way to get there is to stop worrying about scores on a board, and focus on proper movement patterns and doing every rep with integrity. This sounds like the OPPOSITE of the CrossFit Open, right? Aren’t we competing? But it has to be fair and EVERY athlete matters, yes, even YOU.

This means that wall ball shots must be below parallel, and the ball must hit the center of the target. Unless you have some major mobility issues and simply can’t get there, in which case we will work with you, but the idea of adhering to a standard still applies.

Be firm and honest with yourself and EMPOWER yourself with a no-rep. Then you’ll know you are truly dedicated to self improvement and self mastery.

This honesty and self awareness carries over into daily life where we can be trustworthy in all aspects of life.

Let’s maintain a high standard at CrossFit Surmount. When you count bad reps, you not only lower the standard for yourself, but for the whole box. On the flip side, when you hold yourself to the highest movement standards, you raise the integrity of the whole box, and that’s worth doing! I hope you sign up for the Open. Happy New Year 👍
-Coach Doza