I have been an athlete my whole life and am always looking for new ways to keep fit. I have done many at home programs that gave me great results, only to then get bored with the program and fall back to my old status. CrossFit Surmount is an all around game changer. It is never the same and it is an overall body workout. Before I started, despite being fit, I was intimidated by the idea of CrossFit. However, at CrossFit Surmount you are always welcomed, everything may be scaled, the coaching is excellent, and it is evident on the first day that you can do CrossFit. Not only does CrossFit Surmount enable you to get in the best shape of your life but it is the most welcoming and inspiring community in the world! I have never enjoyed working out in a group setting until I attended CrossFit Surmount where I feel empowered, encouraged, and motivated. I am in my mid-forties and because of CrossFit Surmount I can run faster, last longer, jump higher, climb farther, lift more weight, and have made lifelong friends. I have been CrossFitting for over a year and I still can’t wait for the next next day’s workout to be posted!