It’s Super Bowl Weekend and you may already be dreaming of the beers, grilled meats, and cheesy dips galore. For some, the Super Bowl is remnant of a major holiday. “But Ashlyn, it IS a holiday!”. I hear you. I respect your traditions. I encourage the celebrations. Yet, as with the holiday post, we can still pay homage to special traditions without reaching complete gluttony. Everything in moderation. Offering some tips and recipes below for the Super Bowl, and any social food gathering, for that matter!

– Eat a balanced meal for breakfast and lunch
– Get some movement
– Focus on hydration throughout the day and between each alcoholic drink
– Fill your plate with veggies. In fact, go for the veggies FIRST
– Keep your drink out of your hand, or in your non-dominant hand
– Practicing putting the utensil down between bites. If you’re holding your plate, think about chewing your food completely and making conversation between each bite!
– When making recipes, make individual servings
Lighten up recipes, or start with smaller portions of the real thing!
– Serve food with smaller plates

Individual 7-layer dips: Serve with carrot, celery, and cucumber sticks or whole grain or cassava tortilla chips
Buffalo Chicken Dip: HACK go to Costco and get their pulled rotisserie chicken. Can sub out reduced fat cheddar cheese
Baked Zucchini Fries: Great way to get some veggies in! You can also do this with carrots, parsnips, or many other root veggies!
Air Fryer Chicken Wings: Can do in the oven too! Baking and a dry rub is best! Swap with cauliflower for a vegan version and add to this charcuterie board for the best board on the block!
Kebabs: Load on the veggies!

As always, if you have any questions are you’re curious about how to make that spinach and artichoke dip “good for you” I got you;)