I first heard of Coach Paul through my husband, who attended sessions Coach Paul led at another box.  All my husband kept raving about was how great this coach was, and how much I would like Coach Paul. and on and on and on. I really didn’t give it another though, but I did attend a workout he led — and I was instantly engaged with his style of coaching. Coach Paul really strives in emphasizing form and consistency.  Coach Paul focuses on what you are doing wrong and will coach you in doing it right, which speaks volumes for me, as I have had coaches before him and all I got was them standing there with very minimal coaching!  My defining moment with Coach Paul was when the metcon involved rowing. I was a little nervous as I had never rowed! During my last 15 seconds of, all in all, a 400m row, Coach Paul was right beside me shouting with motivation “C’mon Rona, pull it, strong legs…3 more strokes!” I finished, beating my fastest time (although by seconds), I still finished strong! I remember being out of breath and almost collapsing from my seat after the last second, and Coach Paul was there, literally hugging me for finishing! Three things played a factor of motivation: 1) Coach Paul and his awesomeness 2) I needed to beat my fastest time to not do burpees and 3) Tom Hardy waiting at the end of the finish line!