Mark and Alan rowing away!

Mark and Alan rowing away!

WOD for Friday, May 31

WODs at 6, 8:30 & 11:45 am and 5:15 & 6:30 pm
Boot Camp at 6 & 7 am

Be sure to welcome our newest members Alan, Mark, Liz, and Joshua! There will be quite a few attending the next Foundations beginning on Tuesday. It’s not too late for your friends and family to register.

It’s hard to believe that it’s the last day of the month. I’m very proud of each and every one of you for all that you’ve accomplished this past month. I’ll be erasing the Goals and PRs whiteboard, so be sure to record your goals for June and record any new PRs. Which leads me to the next announcement!

CrossFit Total will take place this Sunday. It’s time to test your recently acquired press, back squat, and dead-lift PRs!

Starting in June, we’ll be having a CFS Gathering the third Friday of the month. Mark your calendars for June 21!

I hope those of you who rested yesterday enjoyed the rest. I know that I sure did…

Double unders

Click here for a tutorial.

We’ll be spending 15 minutes listening to songs with “Jump” in the title (including this and this) and focusing on form. If you’ve already mastered double unders, use this time to determine maximum number of unbroken double unders. 

16-minute AMRAP
5 forward rolls
5 wall crawls
5 thrusters
5 back squats
Run 200m

Choose a weight for thrusters and back squats — and stick to that weight. Unlike in the past, you may not decrease the weight. Use the gym mat or a yoga mat for forward rolls. Run, don’t jog or slog. I mean it.