Welcome to our first ever Coaches’ Blog Post! This will be the home of posts ranging from opinions and thoughts, to technique and cueing in CrossFit movements.  Basically, we want to create a space where members and public, can come to get information on all things CrossFit!
I’ll kick it off with a post regarding the morale and energy at CrossFit Surmount from today’s In-House Competition, which pretty much sums up what CrossFit Surmount is all about!

I was only able to make it an hour (home with the kiddos today and baby needed her naps), but while I was there the energy was electric!  And I have no doubt it continued throughout the day.  I made it in time to watch the Deadlift and Clean & Jerk 1 Rep Max event.  I swear, you couldn’t help but smile and laugh, and then shake your head in disbelief with what each one of the athletes just accomplished! It was…well for me…beyond words.  Their faces were beaming with such pride!

No matter what numbers they put up, I think everyone was just seriously excited to do something that they may not have thought they could do!  And whether they know it or not, they are inspiring many others to try something new.

Today, I witnessed such confidence coming out of every athlete! Such camaraderie, team work, a unifying experience bringing together spectators, athletes, coaches, and a community under one roof to cheer on every person that was willing to put themselves out there!  And because Nick and I went to Penn State, and I take such great pride in this cheer, I feel this is most appropriate for our box, today and every day– WE ARE…CROSSFIT SURMOUNT! Congratulations to all!

-Coach Meredith