Let’s Stop Calling People Crazy and Start Supporting Each other

We all know someone who does a little more than the average person when it comes to fitness.
Maybe it’s someone who runs an ungodly distance every morning. Or someone who lifts relentlessly in the gym.
What they achieve blows your mind, and you think, “I could never do that…” and then the knee jerk reaction is to blurt out:
“You’re crazy!”

Let’s stop and unpack this statement a little more and look at what you are really saying. You might be joking around, in fact,
I think most people who say things like this don’t really intend any negativity.
But is this really the message we want to convey to people who are doing extraordinary things?
Someone who is digging deep, reaching new levels of dedication, discipline, and effort, do we want to call them crazy?
Statements like this take all of the hard work, the hours put in, the sacrifices made, the progress– and throw it right out the window.
Nope– you’re just crazy.

I have personally had this happen to me, especially since I started a new strength program. For the last 2 months, I have been strength training 6 days a week. The only time I can fit this into my schedule is 5am. In order to keep progressing at CrossFit, I also do 3 of those workouts a week, at 5pm. That’s 9 workouts per week, getting up at 4:30am most days.

Crazy right? NO. Determined. Not taking no for an answer. Working with what I have. Improving.
Is this my ideal routine? Not exactly. I wish I could sleep in. But this is literally my only option to fit it all into my life.
Calling me crazy takes all of my drive and initiative out of the equation. It sucks.

I also have noticed people playing into this game, calling themselves crazy. Maybe they do this to make light of the situation,
maybe they do it to make others feel more comfortable… whatever your reasons, I say get out of this habit.
You are not crazy. You are dedicated. You are motivated.
You are STRONG. Own it. Not in an arrogant way, but in a way that empowers you to keep going.

People, if you feel the words “that’s crazy” start to bubble up, let’s reframe it, let’s call it what it really is. Here are some supportive ways to express yourself:
“Wow, that’s dedication!”
“Your motivation is inspiring, keep it up!”

Do I need people to say these things to me? Hell no. I will be there sweating it out regardless. But it is certainly a lot nicer to hear something supportive than to be called crazy. So let’s all keep supporting each other, inspiring each other, and lifting each other up!
See you at the gym!
-Coach Doza