CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Josh grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia and was always very active. At an early age Josh played Soccer and Baseball but in later years transitioned into more extreme/board sports. Josh was always up for a new challenge.

After graduating from George Mason University in 2005 where he met his wife Scarlet, they and their 1 month old baby girl, moved to Atlanta, GA in 2009 for new work opportunities.

It was in ATL where Josh found his passion for CrossFit. He was convinced by a co-worker who explained that CrossFit was for everyone at any fitness level. The co-worker was a 50+ year old man and was diagnosed with high cholesterol. After he started CrossFit, his dependencies on cholesterol medication was no longer required.

Convinced on the health benefits and low barrier of entry, Josh joined a gym in Johns Creek, GA. He quickly fell in love with everything about it. The CrossFit community and friendships were just amazing as the workouts themselves.

After 8 years in Atlanta, Josh and his family, now with 2 more children, relocated to Cary, NC to be closer to their family in Virginia.

Josh soon found CrossFit Surmount to be home.

After completing his L1, Josh developed a passion for helping others reach their own fitness goals. He brings a nurturing approach with building on foundations and technique. Josh believes that in fitness consistency is key and just showing up is better than nothing. Healthy habits are formed my making small changes over time and believes that everyone is able to succeed. He brings his drive and passion through the memory of his late Brother who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 38 due to health complications. He wears his brothers name on his shoe to remind him that our health is the most important thing we have in life and we need to do everything we can to make the most of it.

He continues to develop his skills and works towards providing the best experience and coaching that he can offer. Josh strives to be a role model for his family, friends, and community.