Coach Jannicka!

Coach Jannicka!

WOD for Saturday, April 20
WODs at 8:45 & 10 am
Community WOD at 11 am

Please welcome Jannicka, the newest coach at CFS! She will be coaching the 8:45 am session this morning. Coach Paul will be leading the 10 am and Community WODs.

Shoulder Press
Warm up
5 reps 75%, 80%, & 85% of 1RM

Remember, this is a strict press — so no bending of the knees! Be sure to squeeze your butt before each and every press. There should be no failed attempts. Complete all 5 reps without re-racking or dropping the bar. And listen to Jannicka, 8:45ers. I mean it.

12-minute wall ball and toes to bar ladder

Complete 1 wall ball shot (20/14 and 9/10′ target) & 1 toes to bar, 2 wall ball shots & 2 toes to bar, 3 wall ball shots & 3 toes to bar, etc. Complete as many rounds as possible within 12 minutes. 

Scale weight of wall ball, height of target, and toes to bar as needed. There should be very little to no rest between reps. Quickly transition from wall ball to toes to bar. I’d also encourage to not always turn in the same direction! For example, after completing your last wall ball shot on an even-numbered round, turn to your right and complete toes to bar. After completing your last wall ball shot on an odd-numbered round (you see where I’m going with this…) turn to your left and complete toes to bar.