Janet Allen



 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer


Janet was an athlete from early on.  Whether running track, playing volleyball, basketball, tennis, or track, sports have been a major interest most of her life.  In 1996, a basketball foot injury nearly ended all of this.  Despite being told she would never run again, she was determined to stay fit, however nothing kept her interest.  She tried to stay ‘active’ by hiking, walking and biking but it didn’t help. In the summer of 2013, with Janet weighing nearly 200 pounds, her good buddy Kelli asked if she would do a month of CrossFit with her. At this point, Janet was unable to squat, run or perform any exercise for more than a minute.  The competitive spark was still there and Janet said “Yes!” and hasn’t looked back since! 

Her enthusiasm inspired her husband, Mike, and daughter, Ashlyn, to both join CrossFit.  As a family, they continue to share each other’s progress and speak the same language!  Janet and her daughter, Ashlyn, completed Level 1 Trainer Certification together in May 2017.  Ashlyn is now coaching at her box in Brooklyn (CrossFit Kingsboro.)

Janet’s genuine love of helping others has contributed to her CrossFit success and her success as a Realtor for the past 18 years.  In her free time, she enjoys gardening, being a mother of three, grandmother of four, and “mom” to her dog, Butters, and cat Ada.