After 8 years at CrossFit Surmount, I have seen all kinds of attitudes at the gym. The gym is intended to be a place to strengthen our bodies, but it can also serve as a place for us to work through emotions, frustrations, even anger.

Nothing wrong with that. But– this can be done in such a way that does not disturb or bring down other members of the gym.

I’ve come into the gym under tremendous stress, going through super painful life events, and just needing to blow off some steam.

When this happens, I keep to myself, I try not to involve others, and go about my business. I think this is completely ok. At the same time, you must be coachable. You must be open to the coach’s critiques and suggestions. Maybe you want to go heavy, but because you are distracted by whatever it is that is bothering you, your form is not adequate, and you are at risk of injury and setting a bad example to others. Listen to the coach.

What we do during a workout affects the whole gym. We are human and life happens, we can’t always be our most cheerful self, and that’s fine. But ask yourself, how am I affecting the vibe of the others around me? Am I outwardly complaining and being negative? Am I respecting the coach? Am I setting the best example for good movements and form?

These are important questions that can have a ripple effect into the overall culture of our gym.

I’ve seen people throw down their jump ropes in disgust, or throw down dumbells and almost hit other athletes… all kinds of outbursts. I’ve also seen members be inconsiderate of others’ safety while putting away their equipment in a hurried, absent minded way. Is this really the culture we want?

We want the gym to be your happy place. A playground where you can have a blast, work hard, and improve yourself mentally and physically. People have bad days, we get that. Getting yourself in that door is the most important step. Just make sure you are aware of how you contribute to the overall culture and vibe of our gym and always, always no matter what kind of day you are having, be respectful to the coaches and your fellow athletes. Let’s lift each other up!

 -Coach Doza