If you’ve stepped foot into CrossFit Surmount in the last 6 months you’ve probably noticed that our PR board has also incorporated the word- Bright Spots. It’s a change and may be a different than what you’re used to. That’s ok! Change is hard and it’s human nature to resist change. This is exactly why we’ve incorporated the word Bright Spots to help find the little ‘wins’ that can then lead to big successes!

As gym owners, we have an amazing support group of other Affiliate owners. We get to share our successes, strategize, and talk about what’s working and what isn’t. Bright Spots among fellow Affiliate owners is a common practice.


According to our mentor, Chris Cooper, motivation means desire. In his gyms and the gyms he mentors, he has found the following when it comes to motivation:

1. Success has to happen before you’ll become motivated
2. Success has to KEEP happening.
3. We don’t always recognize success when it happens. We’re pretty hard on ourselves.

What does this mean for CrossFit Surmount? It means our Bright Spots board isn’t just about numbers. For some, numbers will keep that motivation for change and for success. For others it won’t. At the end of the week, look back and practice finding something good that went right for you. It’s a practice of thankfulness. CFS Bright Spot Board is a practice of finding the good in the week! We’re celebrating the ‘wins’! And those little ‘wins’ will turn into big gains and successes. Even more important you’ll find a desire and habit to create those successes!


We get it, the first time, you’ll be reluctant to post your Bright Spots. “I don’t really know these people THAT well…they don’t want to hear about my life.” Or “I don’t want to share all my personal stuff…” That’s ok, ease into it by sharing something workout related.

Good gyms provide access. Great gyms provide success.

This post is coming at no better time than Open season! Many of you will have many ‘firsts.’ First time doing the open, first time doing an RX workout. First time signing up for Thursday Night Lights. Let’s celebrate all of those firsts! Ring that PR bell loud and proud. Write your name up on the board! Take it to another level, practice thankfulness and find one TINY bright spot. You can make it workout-related to start, if that’s easier. What did you do RIGHT, or do BEST, or do for the FIRST time this week? Share it!

We want to be there every step of the way, continually encouraging habits, desire, success, and motivation. THAT is what will keep you going for the long-haul!