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Regardless of a person’s past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who first comes to CrossFit Surmount is provided with the opportunity to learn about basic techniques, terminology, pre-workout warm ups and post-workout cool downs, as well as exercises and activities before participating in regular CrossFit Surmount classes.

You will receive one-on-one attention during Foundations. As you work through the 5, 30 minute sessions you will learn about the correct form for basic, functional CrossFit movements, and slowly work up to increase your level of intensity. Foundations is the perfect place to ask questions before transitioning into our regular classes.

The cost of Foundations is $200 per person.

Foundations is offered on various days and times. Contact CrossFit Surmount to schedule.


If you are already familiar with CrossFit methodologies and have trained at another certified location, you may be eligible for CrossFit Surmount’s Test-Out option. We offer a 20 minute private session with our trainers to review your fitness level and knowledge of CrossFit. If you are able to demonstrate competency in CrossFit movements, you may wish to consider this Test-Out opportunity. Test out is $25.