As you walk up to the entrance at CrossFit Surmount, you might notice a small, unassuming sticker in the window with the word “equality” surrounded by the North Carolina border. This sticker gives just a hint at how important our box emphasizes this value. I don’t know about other boxes, but here at CrossFit Surmount, equality is at the center of everything we do.


Are you injured? Have a chronic illness? Limited mobility? Whatever your issue might be, we have your back and our mission is to get you to the best version of YOU.

If you are willing to put in the work, we are willing to help you get there. And when I say we, I mean ALL of us, the coaches, the wonderful box owners, and your fellow athletes. We are all here for you and we all come from diverse backgrounds. Guaranteed there is someone here who can relate to your story, your background in one way or another.


What has really impressed me about CrossFit as a sport is the way that it has empowered women and it continues to be ahead of the curve on gender roles and stereotypes.


The old paradigm is this: men go the gym to lift heavy and get big muscles, women go to the gym to look cute and do elliptical machines. NO.


I’ll say it again: NO.


CrossFit has completely smashed this antiquated system. We all do the same moves and we are all equal. At the end of the workout, we are ALL lying on the floor gasping for air.


Now I realize that what I am about to say, as a man, a white middle class man no less, is inherently skewed. I get that. But I would like to address something I have noticed.

This is not always the case, but I see parents raising their daughters to be weak. They are constantly worried about their daughters, like they are going to break. Boys are little tanks, falling down, playing in the mud, scraping their knees, whatever. But young girls? No, they must be hovered over and protected.


I have personally seen girls literally NOT ALLOWED to jump on the trampoline, because they might get hurt. This trampoline had pads and a freaking safety net! The mentality of “girls are weak, are LESS physical than boys” starts when they are young and can continue throughout life. Ask yourself, were YOU raised under this?

Were YOU trained to be weak, breakable, easily hurt from a young age? For the guys, were you trained to think this way about women from a young age? Are we passing these false narratives on to our own children?


I bring this up because I see it in our box. Some people are limited by their own beliefs, or lack thereof, in themselves. This is DEEP social programming, way in the back of our minds. We don’t even realize it is there. But it might be there for you, holding you back.


Our society as a whole is shifting when it comes to gender roles. It’s like women are crawling out from under this huge oppressive rock, dusting themselves off and doing whatever the hell they want. I LOVE IT.


They say men are scared in the current world. Not me. I welcome it. Our women are warriors, and it’s about time we let them be the warriors they truly are.

If you are a woman doing CrossFit, you are well on your way, not just for yourself, but for ALL women, smashing stereotypes and becoming a more awesome version of yourself, something beyond what society tells you is possible.


I would encourage you to let go of the old patriarchal values that tell you, “You are in the gym to get a cute booty and look good, but not be too muscly.” NO! You are here to work hard, and discover that you are capable of SO MUCH MORE.


Throw that outdated mentality out with the garbage, because that’s what it is– more of the same old garbage. Do YOU. Now get to work!


-Coach Doza