Milton “Doza” Hawes considered himself to be a pretty fit athlete. He ran regularly, did some moderate weightlifting, and stayed relatively active when playing and hiking with his son. All that changed when he decided to give CrossFit Surmount a try in January 2014. After his first workout reduced him to a sweaty pile on the floor, he realized that he was not nearly as fit as he thought he was and instantly knew that he had found his new gym! He trained hard and continued to hone his skills in the gym. In 2015, he got the Level 1 Trainer certification and has fallen in love with coaching. Doza enjoys the tight-knit group of athletes at CrossFit Surmount and appreciates how everyone works hard, continuously improves, and maintains a sense of humor through it all. He’s excited to help people reach their goals, something he has been doing for years as a drumset teacher. When he’s not at CFS, he’s probably out gigging with one of his bands or spending time with family. If Doza is at the gym, you’ll probably see his son, Evan, hard at work practicing pull-ups or doing the WOD. Doza is also passionate about vegan sports nutrition and is constantly experimenting with and tweaking his diet. If you’re curious about non-meat options for athletes, don’t hesitate to ask him questions, it’s one of his favorite subjects. Doza is looking forward to working out with and coaching all of you!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer