Here we go! As we begin 2017, Meredith and I begin our new venture owning CrossFit Surmount! We are very excited, and ready to go! Don’t worry, Coach Paul, Coach Jeff, and Luke will still be around for January, at least.  And thanks to all three of them for taking the coaches out for a great celebratory dinner this past Thursday!

As we start 2017, one small scheduling change, the Saturday at 11 am class will no longer be offered, effective this coming Saturday, 1/7.  There will still be the 8:30 and 9:45 am classes to get your WOD on. 

You’ll notice the new addition of the PR Bell near the cubbies. Two rules with the PR Bell: When you PR, you ring the bell. And don’t hit your head on it.  Ring it loud, ring it proud when you get that next PR!

Barbell Club starts anew on Tuesday evening with Coach Jay. If you haven’t seen a session, you’re missing out! Jay is in his element. Contact Jay our myself to get signed up for the wait list. Yes, the wait list, as we are at capacity for the BBC.

The Intrabox Competition is Saturday January 14th! It’s going to be amazing and filled with PRs and fun! Plus, with Coach Paul as emcee, what else could you ask for? Come cheer on your fellow members, and we always could use volunteers to judge and help with set-up.  No regular classes will be held that day.

The 2017 New Year’s Resolution Lurong Challenge starts the week of January 16th. We are signed up as an affiliate, as interest has been strong. We’ll complete the workout each Wednesday.  Register here if you haven’t yet. Meredith and I are participating in this one as well.  Giving up cereal and beer will be my challenges, pasta will be her obstacle.

A new programming feature you will see coming, is “Benchmark Fridays”.  Each Friday we will complete a benchmark. Early in the year, they will be the “Girl” workouts, i.e. Fran, Diane, Helen, etc… to name a few.



  • 4 person team WOD with KB movements and more to kick off 2017


  • Push Press and 14 minute bodyweight AMRAP


  • Countdown chipper with wall balls and a finishing core tabata (one of my favorites)


  • As fast as possible ladder with KBs and burpees; then deadlifting


  • The first of many “Benchmark Fridays”, one of the “girls”


  • Overhead squatting and a 18 minute AMRAP with running and a barbell (not at the same time)


  • A workout from the Open past



  • Back squats and a 7 minute AMRAP


  • 20 minutes of kettlebell fun