Programming this week

Week 27! We’re in the 4th week of the current cycle and things are moving along smoothly as we continue to focus on Max power output and some power endurance. We’re still using the ”pre-fatigue” method for some gymnastics sections and the contrast method for the squat section. We also started the week today with a nice little Open workout 12.2 that most people either loved or hated!

• Gymnastics work today is perfect example of pre-fatigue followed by a metcon that will feel like a long one

• Heavy Back Squats using the contrast method to improve lower body strength & power then a fun competition style metcon

• Really Cool Gymnastics work that’s new for us with a pyramid-style chipper afterwards that will strain our shoulders and posterior chain

• Hang Cleans followed by a high-volume metcon

• Fun Partner WOD with a twist 

• 30 min EMOM with 3 different movements

Thanks again everyone
Every week our community proves it is the best