Programming this week

Week 36… we’ve got some great workouts and also some pretty challenging strength endurance pieces. At least the weather seems to be cooperating a bit

The goal of our gymnastics portion today is pulling endurance with a high heart rate. Then we have high intensity intervals in our Metcon using an E3MOM format

Second week of the squat progression so please stick to the % for today Back Squat test. It is similar to Monday’s work and last week’s deadlift test, but like any other workout for time, efficiency breeds consistency. Meaning, if your reps aren’t very efficient, you should take a quick break then re-engage. Our Metcon is a variation of DT designed to tax the shoulders.

• A fun benchmark Couplet today. We all know that anytime there is a woman’s name programmed it will leave us all feeling a little bit of pain.  

High volume deadlifts again… Yay! Our Metcon is a fun workout designed as a class iteration of the final event of the 2021 CrossFit Games

Sept 11 Memorial Workout with Coach Ashlyn & Coach Seth with some rowing & step-ups

Endurance work on Sundays continues with a classic from the 2020 Crossfit Games. Your hint… its a Girl Benchmark and if doing it once is fun then twice has to be better!

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around