Programming this week

Week 39… the intensity is smidge lower and we’ve got a lot of interval style formats to allow for some recovery. This week is an important de-load since we’ve been working at high intensity for quite some time. That said, we will have some hard workouts, especially on Friday and Saturday

• Heavy-ish Deadlifts in a different format than usual with an EMOM Couplet to reinforce the power production from the deadlifts 

• HSPU work in our gymnastics portion today then we get a 6 round interval triplet with a built in rest to work on our speed.

Front Squat day. Get used to it. We will be doing a bit more of this the remainder of the year but @60% today is very achievable. Then who doesnt love a nice Thruster WOD mid-week?! 

• A longer endurance workout with a moderate running distance, our goal will be to keep pushing the pace. This will be an aerobic, strength endurance workout that will get taxing for the core.  

• Snatches in a short & fast weightlifting couplet with an interesting Triplet for our Metcon that has the potential to tax the grips & the hips. 

Chaotic Competition Style Workout with a partner… You’re welcome! 

Not our typical Sunday with this one being only 20 min so fight the urge to go out too hot. Your grip will thank you! 

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around