Programming this week

Week 38… Intense metcons this week with a nice variety to them.

Overhead Squats followed me a Triplet Metcon with the goal of improving lower body endurance… both parts in an EMOM format  

• Ring Muscle Up work in our gymnastics portion today (with a bit of a twist). Then we get a 5 round metcon using the barbell & the rig programmed specifically to develop upper body pulling, strength endurance.

Weightlifting today will be utilizing the paused back squat, a method that is intended to stimulate the CNS and prime the body to be ready to lift heavy without taxing the body overall. Then a Metcon Couplet that gives us a crack at 2021 Games Event #9

• A no pressure gymnastics practice section today with the goal of becoming more aware of the position & movement of the body. Then we get a Chipper Metcon in Tabata format with the purpose of helping us hold high levels of intensity during training.  

Deadlifts in an E2MOM with a Metcon that has the potential to be extremely intense, but the goal is for this to be a lighter, longer workout with less demand on the CNS. 

Chipper Triplet partner workout… You’re welcome! 

The athletes in today’s class are in for a little bit of a leg endurance treat with different types of squats & running

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around