Programming this week

Week 37… week we’ve got some nice ones for you this week! We’re continuing the squat progression but we’ve switched up the deadlift progression to force some rest in the rep count. We are also continuing our gymnastics progression. Our metcons are staying quick and intense with moderate loading .

Back Squats with a 5 round triplet. Let’s focus on remaining tall at the bottom of the squat with tremendous focus on Core tension 

A simple gymnastics training piece working under specific muscular fatigue. Then we get to work on Power Cleans & Endurance using an E2MOM format to improve our ability to lift something heavy while the heart rate is elevated.

Weightlifting today is the behind the neck jerk, making somewhat of a debut with us in group classes. We know this movement can be a no go for a lot of athletes so feel free to sub a regular front rack jerk. Then our Metcon is a 15min AMRAP that will challenge every muscle group

• A litte fun with a Crossfit version of the Beep Test to start followed by an AMRAP training lower body endurance. Can you lift under fatigue? Think weightlifting disguised as a metcon.  

Continuing our strength cycle with Deadlifts & Double-Unders with a 14min alternating EMOM that looks innocent enough on paper, but has the potential to get fairly intolerable. 

• Long grueling partner workout… You’re welcome! 

Endurance work on Sundays continue with a good intensive stamina based workout that can really force athletes to maintain excellent form while uncomfortable.

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around