Programming this week

This week marks the first week of our new training cycle: The Open Prep. It will feel different for all of us in that we may not be able to do the same pre-set Level we are accustomed to. Don’t stress about that. Trust your coaches, adjust, and move on. This cycle will be split into 2 phases… The 1st is a “Power Endurance Phase” in which we begin by identifying our maximal power output and we will build work capacity and power endurance over the next 9 weeks… the 2nd is our “Fitness Phase” in which we prepare specifically for the Open. We will progress towards the tip of the pyramid working towards a peak power output yet again.

Week 40 is the pre-test week where we’ll be tackling some important benchmarks that we’ve identified for the Open but please dont focus on PR’s. The point of a pre-test is simply to get a score in play for the re-test down the road, that’s it! We are testing high power output barbell cycling as well as some pretty intense metcons. As always our elite coaches will have the perfect scaling options for us

• Heavy Isabel with an E5MOM Triplet to get in some good old fashioned interval training 

• We are testing Apollo in our gymnastics portion today (very few of us will be able to do this) then we get a nice little 10min AMRAP that should act like a little bit of a break to an already intense week. It’s a simple active recovery workout

Heavy Grace as our test and then an endurance metcon focused on work capacity of the posterior chain. Because today’s volume is high the intensity should be low by default.

• As usual we have a single component workout on this day of the week. This metcon is an effective way to train for endurance. What we are doing is pre-fatiguing each of 2 different movements via a 5min AMRAP (with rest between) then bringing them both together at the end for a 10 min, high intensity couplet 

• We are testing Chaos again which is a short intense 7 min Deka Comp Benchmark then we get to do a second metcon with HSPU and Step-Ups.

• So after the high intensity week we’ve had, you think we’d throw you a bone over the weekend, make it a nice fun and relaxing one. Well, if you are sadistic, then this will be a lot of fun with Jump Rope, Wall Balls, Hang Snatches… then Deadlifts. You’re welcome! 

• Today is an aerobic & strength endurance workout. The main goal for most endurance workouts is for athletes to be consistent between the running, burpees, & pushups.

Thanks again everyone
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