Programming this week

Week 43 is upon us… the third in the Power endurance phase of the Open prep cycle. We’ve got a lovely mix of Metcons mostly in the form of intervals but we do have some more consistent and longer movements. Our strength portions are going to give our Olympic lifting lovers a good dose of fun. For anyone interested in peaking behind the curtain a bit… the loading for our Olympic Lifting alternates. In odd weeks of this cycle (1,3,5 etc) we put the % at and above 85% to make sure we keep touch with those heavy loads but we keep the volume quite low. On the even weeks, this is where we focus more on power endurance and touch lower % for higher reps.

• Power Clean then Full Squat Clean Complex with the goal here to to make progress in our power threshold. The Monday Metcon increases the working time of our interval training, with the goal being to complete rounds unbroken 

• Only a Metcon today… constantly varied right?! We will have 5 x 3min AMRAP with short rest between. (we are gonne be so ready for the Open next year)

Looking to Increase power endurance, specifically in the Snatch which is why we have given a limit of 90 seconds rest between lifts. Then we get to tackle a Metcon where we will complete a max effort couplet for 8mins, rest 2mins, and then do 3 rounds of those same movements under fatigue

• Gymnastic Skill-Building with some “skin the cat” … then we have a Metcon that looks pretty fun and will be all about managing the grip & core.

• Heavy Front Squat work where our goal is to increase lower body strength. Keep in mind that two weeks ago we hit a % progression to this week so you should be prepared. Then we get to enjoy a 20min AMRAP couplet where our goal is a simple endurance based metcon, but with movements where athletes will have to use subtle hip extension power

• At the time of publication we are actually undecided about Saturday’s workout LOL but there’s a chance we do a Deka Benchmark WOD

• Continued Sunday Endurance Training with a nice little sandwich wod

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around