Programming this week

Week 42 is our second week into our Power endurance phase of the Open prep cycle. We will have a lot of higher intensity weightlifting so most of our Metcons have lighter loads (expect for Monday) and will be interval style. We must keep in mind that as we progress in this cycle, the intervals decrease and eventually we work at high intensity continuously.

• Full Squat Snatch & Overhead Squat Complex with the goal here to to increase overhead strength in the snatch reception. The Metcon today has 6 min Power Snatch intervals with a bit of rest in between 

• Gymnastics practice session today where we are working on the quality of overhead stability positions. After an in depth skill session we will relieve athletes of overhead and overthinking, for the most part, focusing on endurance of the core and legs. This chipper style workout will be straight up cruise control, just keep moving at that constant speed and don’t stop.

Heavy Front Squats in our weightlifting work then a spicy triplet E4MOM that is a fairly balanced strength endurance workout with a lot of lower body action and upper push/pull.

• Some fun again this Thursday working on kipping & butterfly pull-up progressions. No score. Just working on our skills. Then with our upper body pulling somewhat fatigued (but not wrecked at all) we have a Metcon with Hang Power Cleans & Rowing in order to stimulate strength-endurance.

• Gymnastics work with the Bar Muscle-Up (another upper-body pulling movement) then a descending ladder of DB Thrusters & Rope Climbs.

• This week’s partner workout has a bit of a twist… adding synchro movements! 

• Welcome to a Sunday funday, sweaty endurance piece… there will be an element of leg endurance but this is mainly going to tax athletes from a pure aerobic standpoint.

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around