Programming this week

Week 41 is our first real week of our new training cycle, the Open Prep. As mentioned in last week’s e mail, our next training cycle is about 24 weeks long but is split into 2 phases which when combined together take a diamond shape (for all you visual learners out there!).

The beginning of this cycle starts with the Power endurance phase and contrary to traditional power phases in which we find maximal output, we will BEGIN with maximal output. You will notice lots of intervals in our metcons and the goal here is to work at high intensity and as we progress, we will reduce rest to end up working at high intensity with no rest. Our weightlifting pieces will focus on squats and Oly lifts and our gymnastics will mainly be high skill in the first portions but otherwise mainly included in our metcons.

• Clean & Front Squat Complex followed by an introduction to our power endurance cycle with a Metcon that has 7 intervals of 3min time windows 

• Gymnastics EMOM with a move we havent done often. Then our Metcon focuses on upper body strength endurance meant to be done at a consistent threshold

Front Squats in our weightlifting work then we tackle a unique metcon that allows us to increase strength endurance, anaerobic threshold, and even mental strength & recovery.

• Some fun with the standing Long Jump to work on speed, power, coordination, and balance in one rep. We should be able to see how this movement transfers to other explosive movements we do all the time. It will be fun as a class, easy on the CNS, and excellent for developing force production. The Metcon will be a 20min AMRAP using dumbbells

• Fun Gymnastics work with the Bar Muscle-Up then a spicy little metcon made up of 2 different 8min EMOM.

• This week’s partner workout is a surprise! 

• Barbells for Boobs Charity Workout!!! Helen & Grace plus the fun of plunging your coaches in a frigid Dunk Tank.

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around