Programming this week

Week 45 is one of the most barbell heavy weeks we’ve had in a while. Athletes will be snatching, cleaning, squatting, jerking, “thrustering” and so on. We’ve still got some gymnastics piece but we are truly deep in our power endurance phase. We’ve also put in a really interesting piece call the “CP Battery test”. Here is why that’s important… We have reached the midway point in our Power endurance cycle, so we are introducing a test that we will retest at the end of the cycle. The CP battery is the ability to restore the creatine phosphate pathway in order to repeat high percentage efforts. This is the definition of power endurance.

• Heavy Snatches to start the week off followed by a E7MOM triplet hat will challenge everyone including our best athletes.

• Gymnastics work with slam balls and upper body pull variations to start followed by 5 min AMRAPs X 3 

Max height Box Jump and then the CP Battery test which has 2 parts… establish a 1RM Power Clean for today and then 8min AMRAP @90% of that weight

• 5 sets of a Push Press – Push Jerk complex and then we have an ascending rep scheme Metcon couplet.

• 2RM Front Squat as the weightlifting component and for the Metcon we take a break from our power focus and include elements of a push / pull that we’ve seen in the

• Partner WOD with wall balls & pull-ups during our regular class times and then the Chad 1000X Hero Wod for those who wanna do a bunch of step-ups. Dont stress… you can always do a portion, change the box height, do it with some partners etc. 

• 5 round triplet with double unders, DB Snatches, and DB Step overs

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around