Programming this week

Week 47 is the 7th week of our Power Endurance Training cycle. This week is all about the barbell and of course, intensity.

• The week begins with very heavy back squats in a cluster set format.

• Our Metcon has Heavy Object Carry. Have fun with this piece and get comfortable using different equipment!

Today’s workout begins with heavy cleans and moves onto a metcon with heavy(ish) snatches. There are only 3 movements but 2 of them are the most complex therefore we should focus on basic principles such as back position, bar path and hip extension.

• Here we have a posterior chain training day with deadlift in the first portion and complementing movements in the Metcon (KBS, C2B, Over/Unders & rowing). It will be fun and challenging!

• Friday is the cherry on top that starts with some push presses but ends “The Captain” benchmark WOD. Our partners at Deka Comp will be hosting an Instagram contest to help share the epicness. Details on their Instagram page: @dekacomp

• As always, our fun partner workouts !

• We are switching it up and giving you some bench press and some upper body conditioning

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around