Programming this week

Week 46 – for this current week especially, we’ve been made aware of the level of difficulty that has significantly increased in our training for this particular cycle. Needless to say, this sparked an internal debate in our coaching staff and we’ve had a good long chat about it. Essentially it came down to the fine line of pushing ourselves and our members threshold. In any challenging training cycles, there are moments where we do in fact go too far and thus we have found our limit.

• We start the week off with some front squats and a fun interval metcon that includes some high power output movements.

• HSPU with a nice “gymnasticy” Amrap. 

Here we face a nice Power snatch & Squat snatch complex followed by a spicy E8MOM (hint: there are thrusters).

• Today is a posterior chain dominant training session using a DB and KB (not at the same time) with some core work

• Fun weightlifting piece focused on the Jerk with our goal this session being to increase Overhead power endurance using barbell cycling followed by a 5 round couplet that will be increasing our volume under a continuous effort rather than in intervals. 

• Our metcon today is only 20 minutes but will be super fun, incorporating some syncro movements with alternating movements!

• Our endurance work continues here with an E3MOM that has us utilizing TWO machines to improve our aerobic capacity

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around