Memorial Day Murph !!!

    How amazing was today?! Just wow! Once again our CFS family showed up in a beautiful way. I am so proud of who we are and what we do for each other and our community. THANK YOU for being the best place around.

Crossfit Climbers starts in 1 week! Mon June 7th

     This is gonna be awesome! I have gotten to know many of the kids who plan on starting this program and I am excited for them and all of us! So please reach out by email ASAP ( to let me know if you are interested for your teen / tween who is interested in an intro to weightlifting, barbell, and foundational crossfit movements.
     We are going to offer this 45min class on Monday & Friday @5:15p. As always our primary concern of course is safety, for both your child and those around them. It is important that you honestly assess your child’s maturity level & physical ability to determine if we might all be best be served by a session in Crossfit Kids before attacking this more advanced program.

1 Rep-Max Weekend June 12,13

More info will come shortly in a separate email but we’ve just finished our recent strength cycle and, the timing seems perfect for us to establish what our 1 Rep-Max is for the most common lifts. By now you have seen that programming is often shown as a % of your 1 RM for each lift. So it’s critical that we all have these established. For newer members especially, PLEASE make it a priority to join us for one session during this weekend.

Yoga with Coach Heather

Wed Zoom @7p

Sunday at CFS @8a

Programming this week

We move from a strength building phase to a power phase. This week the goal is to set ourselves up for this next phase so intensity should be low to moderate and the focus should be on technique. We have quite a bit of variety for both the strength/skill pieces and the metcons.

• Active Recovery post-Murph

• 1 Girl Benchmark workout then another benchmark w/o a name

• Some Front Squat Work followed by a classic girl wod dressed up w/another movement 

• Some gymnastics work followed by a long-ish metcon 

• Partner WOD with a slight twist away from our normal 

• The trend of tough tests on Sunday continues!

Thanks again everyone. Our community is the best around!