Continued Patience please

We are giving our Bathrooms and the Kids Zone some TLC and a facelift. We can expect to see the Kids Zone Policy updated and published soon. Every parent who will be having their children spend time here will need to sign the waiver once it’s made available shortly.

CFS Transition Celebration 

How amazing was that Party on Saturday?! WOW… you guys are amazing and I know that I speak for Nick & Meredith when I say that we are so thankful to be part of the best community around! 

Memorial Day Murph is in 1 week!!!

Mon May 31st

< 7a – 830a – 10a >

     Reserve your heat time in Wodify now. If you are inviting your friends or family to come join us please have them sign the waiver info etc using the link our website. This is a change from previous years. You can imagine the chaos of this day so let’s try to avoid a line at the computer beforehand so our Coaches can also warm-up and get prepared.
    Please plan to hang for fellowship & fun & family after all the fitness is done! Wake Zone will be providing coffee early in the day. We will have also an inflatable water slide from Inflate-A-Party, DJ Donkey Kong getting us hyped, & Brewster’s Pub providing the grub. The one ask we have is for you to give us an idea of how many in your group will be joining us for food & festivities afterwards (~11:30am)? Robyn posted on Facebook where you can comment and help us to get a sense.
We are gonna look amazing in our special edition CFS Murph Shirts scheduled to arrive this week!! 

Crossfit Climbers starting in June

     Please reach out by email ( to let me know if you are interested for your teen / tween who is interested in an intro to weightlifting, barbell, and foundational crossfit movements.
     Our initial thought is to offer this 45min class on Monday & Thursday @5:15p. Include whether this time works for your family’s schedule in your email to me.
Our primary concern of course is safety, for both your child and those around them. It is important that you honestly assess your child’s maturity level & physical ability to determine if we might all be best be served by a session in Crossfit Kids before attacking this more advanced program.

1 Rep-Max Weekend June 12,13

More info will come after Murph (one thing at a time) but we are in the last week of our recent strength cycle and with all of us coming out of whatever pandemic time fitness entailed, the timing seems perfect for us to establish what our 1 Rep-Max is for the most common lifts. For newer members especially, PLEASE make it a priority to join us for one morning during this weekend. By now you have seen that programming is often shown as a % of your 1 RM for each lift. So it’s critical that we all have these established

Yoga with Coach Heather

Wed Zoom @7p

Sunday at CFS @8a

We’ve all caught glimpses of Coach Heather’s awesomeness. Maybe it’s contagious? Wednesday zoom class is the more relaxing Yin Yoga in the comfort of home by Zoom. Sunday is Power yoga at the box! 

Programming this week

Reminder to work in Murph Prep whenever you can but of course lay off by Friday to rest those exact muscles! We always have some accessory work scheduled but you can always do Murph work on your own even on days where it’s not specifically programmed.

This is the final week of our Strength Endurance Cycle and will be testing those gains! We also have some fun metcons and a gymnastics skill that we haven’t done

Back Squat: 1 Rep Max
Snatch: 1 Rep Max
30 Strict HSPU for time (Re Test)
50 Strict Ring dips for time

• 1 RM Back Squat; then a short couplet 

• HSPU Re-Test; even quicker couplet

• 1 RM Power Snatch; then 5 Round Triplet

• Fun gymnastics skill building followed by some endurance training 

• Ring Dips strength test with an older Regional Test that is a push-pull couplet 

• 2 Person Partner WOD you may have seen around recently 

• Pretty Tough test comprised of 4 movements done 3X

Thanks again everyone. Our community is the best around!