Programming this week

General capacity week! As with our last GC week, this week is a blend of the previous weeks of intensity, volume, and speed. Expect to see a variety of classic CrossFit Metcons (ahem, benchmarks) and skill movements that will translate to better everything.

• Conga jumps. Metcon of TTB and rowing.

•Deadlifts and vertical pressing. Metcon of wallballs and box jumps.

•Back squats and single leg squats/progression. Metcon of a benchmark, or two. Expect running, KBS, and pull-ups, and maybe even snatches.

•Body pump dumbbell work focusing on upper back. Metcon of squat clean thrusters and burpees.

•Push jerks. Benchmark Metcon that is “nasty”. Air squats, ring muscle ups (or drills), and hang cleans.

• Partner workout of box step ups, calories, and farmers carry

•LONG metcon of rowing, double unders, and perhaps a DB movement OR burpees 🙂 

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around