Programming this week

Volume week! And we are certainly turning it up. Expect to see a lot of reps in your lifts and in metcons. When scaling, keep the focus of the week in mind. The goal is not to do 1-2 reps and struggle, but 5+ with good form.

• Back squats. Metcon of power cleans and bar facing burpees.

•Strict press. Metcon of rowing, ring dips, and pullups. 

•Snatch complex. A Metcon of snatches and dubs

•A metcon of alternating dumbbell hang squat clean and pushups. Mandatory accessory for your hips. You’re welcome. 

•Sumo deadlifts (again!!) and a benchmark metcon opposite of “peace gone well” with wallballs, sumo deadlift high pull, box jump, push press, and rowing.

• Partner workout of pistols, TTB, and running.

•Swings, step overs, and rowing

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around