Crossfit Climbers starts Mon June 7th

     We are really excited for this! If you havent already confirmed with me please reach out ASAP ( to let me know if your teen / tween is interested in starting an intro to weightlifting, barbell, and foundational Crossfit movements.
     These will be 45min classes on Monday & Friday @5:15p. As always our primary concern of course is safety, for both your child and those around them. It is important that you honestly assess your child’s maturity level & physical ability to determine if we might all be best be served by a session in Crossfit Kids before attacking this more advanced program.

1 Rep-Max Weekend June 12,13

The timing is perfect for us to establish what our 1 Rep-Max is for the most common lifts. This is going to be a lot of fun. It’s definitely not competitive in any way. By now you have seen that programming is often shown as a % of your 1 RM for each lift. So it’s critical that we all have these established. For newer members especially, PLEASE make it a priority to join us for one session during this weekend.

Yoga with Coach Heather

Wed Zoom @7p

Sunday at CFS @8a

Programming this week

We move from a strength building phase to a power phase. What is a power phase? The power purpose here is to help increase our power output. It’s split into 2 blocks one working on power endurance then the next increasing to a max. At the end of this phase we will max out our Snatch and Clean & Jerk! This means that we’ll have more barbell and our gymnastics movements will be focused on the high power output and dynamic movements such as BMU

• Power Snatch as a baseline with the Metcon being 5 rounds of a triplet

• Some great new drills for Bar Muscle-Up Skill Building followed by a quick AMRAP

• Backsquat work then a spicy little triplet with a barbell, the rig, and a run

• Moderate Deadlifts with a 20min ascending couplet  

• Couplet EMOM for strength work followed by a burpee-row-pullup metcon 

• Partner WOD has become a bit of tradition so let’s keep that rolling! 

• The trend of tough endurance tests on Sunday continues with a couplet interrupted by wall walks!

Thanks again everyone. Our community is the best around!