Programming this week

More power development strength & skill sections this week with a lot of emphasis on this cycle. Gymnastics are dynamic using some variations on the “Bulgar” method. Metcons are shorter and therefore require a sense of urgency this week. What you will notice is that movements all build on one another.

• Cycling the barbell with the Power Snatch then 3 AMRAP of only 2 min each

• Gymnastics on the rig followed by a 12 min triplet

• Backsquat work disguised in a Metcon and a 5 round couplet

• Interesting new Gymnastics movement then a 4 x 3min AMRAP  

• Presses under fatigue followed by a 10 round triplet

• Partner WOD running thrusters & dubs (oh my) 

Sunday is a surprise!

Thanks again everyone. Our community is the best around!