Programming this week

Week 30 is an exciting one! We’re finally testing again! We kick things off with a 1RM Back Squat and then a 1RM power clean… we also have a max height box jump which can be a really fun and different way to test power (but can be nerve racking for coaches!). At the end of the week we have a row test and lastly we’ll give a nice little open workout a second go.

• 1 RM Back Squat then something of a balanced chipper

• We take a break from testing and get back to training with a strength section that will feel like a Metcon followed by an actual metcon focused on building gymnastic endurance

• Back to testing, and coming in hot with the Power Clean and then, we thought we’d go all out and give you TWO benchmark wods today!

• Here we go with another test… max height box jump! Followed by a grind of a metcon 

• We conclude the week with a Row Test where we are looking for a short burst of relentless all out assault on the rower. It will hurt but it will be over quickly. Then an E5MOM that is also an all out sprint

• Our usual Partner Party continues  

• Let’s retest an Open workout shall we?

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around