Programming this week

Week 29! We’re in the 6th week of the current Power Endurance cycle and I don’t know if you’re like me but I can feel it. Whew! Only a few weeks left and we will be able to re-test some lifts and see how all our members have progressed.

• Snatch work focused on technique today then a “choose your own adventure” style metcon! If you want to get the most from these drills, get over the desire to see big weights on the bar and focus on great position

• Upper body strength & stamina for our gymnastics portion today with a medium length Metcon using lighter weight

• Heavy back squat then an E4MOM couplet

• Nasty interval workout to test our endurance 

• More pre-fatigue Gymnastics work using bench press and handstand hold followed by a a light interval triplet combining gymnastic, weightlifting and conditioning

• Our usual Partner Party continues with a 30min AMRAP triplet 

• Nice little endurance workout

Thanks again everyone
Every week our community proves it is the best