• HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! This doesn’t simply mean bring water to class, but rather be intentional about your water intake from the moment you wake up.  Not a fan of water? There are other ways to hydrate like with hydrating foods!
  • Nutrition Coaching – Ashlyn has a waitlist again, but more spots coming soon! Sign-up here.

Programming this week

Week 3 of our weightlifting cycle and we’re getting heavy and hard, with good form of course.

•Snatch and max effort HSPU, front squats, and devils press.

•Hang Squat Cleans. Metcon of power cleans, air squats, and ring muscle-ups.

•Seated box jumps. Metcon of carrying, shoulder to overhead, and machine.

•HEAVY deadlifts and weighted sit-ups.

•Back squats. Metcon of burpee chest to bars and dubs.

• Partner workout with running, jumping, push-ups, swings, and sit-ups. 

•Carry and sled push. Metco of wallballs and machine.


Coach Ashlyn and Coach Marni