Programming this week

Week 5 of the cycle and we have a 2RM squat, some clean drills, perhaps a snatch PR, and a whole lot of fun! This is really the time to dial in on your technique, practice pacing, refine movements, and TRAIN smart.

• Squat power day. The Metcon will have HSPU, WB, and DL with a lot of volume. 

• Rope climb practice.  Metcon will include OHS and bar facing burpees

Hang clean drills followed by a short gymnastics focused AMRAP. Short is necessary as we prepare for Thursday and Friday.

•20 minute AMRAP and some great glute accessory beforehand. Don’t miss this day if you’re looking to increase your engine. 

• Snatches with a chance to climb and “Friendly Fran”. 

• A partner WOD with burpees, v-ups, and deadlifts.

• Rowing and devils press or dumbbell clean and jerks. Great day to practice consistency.

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around