Programming this week

Week 4 of the cycle and we will maintain with the squat cycle. Ask a coach for the plan ahead if you’re unsure. Regarding snatched and cleans, those will not be programmed as a strength component, but rather put to practice in the Metcon. This is a classic week of fun, and constantly varied, movement. The majority of our programming will be in the 10-15 minute window with couplets and triples. Why? Well, The Open.

• Squat volume day. The Metcon will be a burner of machine, thrusters, and burpees, OH MY!

• Hang Clean practice.  Metcon will be a classic push/pull with pull-ups and deadlifts. 

Strict press in an EMOM format! AMRAP of snatches, running, and wall balls. 

•Ladder drills and a diamond format WOD with KBS, dips, and something “devilish”. 

• 24 minute EMOM

• A partner WOD with dubs, T2B, and ascending cleans. 

• Endurance WOD with rowing, burpees, and over unders. 

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around