Programming this week

Week 3 of the cycle and we see our usual suspects of snatches, cleans, and squats. Just a heads up for those of you that pick certain days to attend, squats will be on Thursday. As a reminder, we are in a “fitness phase” which is all about sustaining speed of the repetition. Think multiple unbroken reps. The previous cycle (power endurance) was about sustaining speed and force within the rep. Think fast and explosive.

• Gymnastics day of RMU or a pull/dip movement followed by a metcon of TTB and Box Jumps. This is a classic test of muscle endurance. How can you continuously move for 10 minutes? 

• Snatch day.  We will be testing your snatch threshold. There will be a 15 minute AMRAP requiring good posture, explosive hips, and relaxed shoulders. 

Gymnastics day working on inversions. The metcon to follow will include machine and step ups. 

•Squat day building to a 3RM. In the metcon your hip flexor endurance will be tested with sit-ups and back squats. 

• More thrusters because… well… the open. This time it will be paired with a machine and muscle ups. No strength/skill today, just a grinder of a workout. We will have mandatory successory and an echo bike cash out.

• A partner workout with all the things. Deadlifts, HPSU, box jump overs, hang cleans, KBS, burpees, and air squats. 

• Endurance WOD with running and DB hang snatch

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around