Programming this week

Week 6 of the cycle and we have a some old movements, “new” movements, a death by, and a open workout. The goal this week is to still maintain endurance and intensity, but allow yourself to fully recover. If you’re not feeling recovered, IT’S OKAY TO SCALE. Scaling is smart. Scaling is safe. Scaling is empowering.

• Clean day. The Metcon will TTB, OHS, and a machine. Perhaps your least favorite machine 😉 

•Gymnastics day with a death by of a pulling movement.  Metcon will have box jump overs and clean and jerks.

Squat day followed by a metcon with rowing, deadlifts, and burpees. Holy hips. 

•Front rack lunges and a metcon with pull-ups and wall balls. Remind you of Fran? It should.

• Spit jerks and an open workout from 2017 with snatches and burpee box jumps. 

• A partner WOD with dubs, SYNCHRO thrusters, and a gymnastics bar movement. 

•Conditioning with machine, KBS, hand release pushups, and back squats, oh my!

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around