Programming this week

Week 32 –  Although we’re in our fitness phase we’re still squatting, lifting and working on gymnastics. Monday’s squat session will not leave anyone unscathed. Our metcons are designed to work on work capacity and some very specific to muscle endurance this means a major focus on reps and much will be in the format of couplets.

• Heavy Back Squats and a nice couplet EMOM

• Building Gymnastics capacity with another EMOM couplet followed by a high intensity barbell metcon

• Barbell cycling work with the Clean & Jerk and then we get a descending rep couplet for our Metcon today

• Nice long triplet where each movement is fairly equally weighted 

• Another gymnastics endurance workout (like Monday) followed by an Open-Style metcon

• It’s always better with a friend… So our usual Partner Party continues but this time with a barbell triplet

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around