Programming this week

Week 35 is entering the second portion of this fitness phase. Again reminding our members to use the % provided in the programming. Fight the urge to go heavier just because you’re able to.

• 15min AMRAP couplet for the Metcon today but first… we work on Snatches from 3 different positions. 

• Focused gymnastics piece to improve our vertical pulling endurance as well as increase our rope climb capabilities followed by an awesome barbell triplet with the goal today being leg and midline endurance. Very familiar format we’ve used almost every week of the fitness phase

• Weightlifting component is inspired by this year’s Crossfit Games Run/Clean event and it fits very nicely with our intended stimulus of improving Clean & Jerk capacity with a high heart rate- power endurance. Once you’re done you GET TO tackle this beast of a triplet

• A fun challenge for the whole class will be a bit different for us. Then an ascending ladder couplet for 15 min

• Deadlift work with a twist, designed this specifically for the fitness phase followed by yet another twist… a 2-part Metcon

• Shifting things a bit with our Partner Saturday with both athletes working at the same time

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around