Programming this week

Week 34 is our de-load week. Some love it, some hate it. Regardless it is an important part of the training process in order to continue moving forward. some pretty good intense metcons we simply have lowered the demand on the CNS by reducing the % on the squats and eliminated Olympic lifting aside from specific drills. The gymnastics sessions this week are in the form of metcons, but they are specially designed to have a gymnastics endurance focus in the form of a deload week.

• Back Squats where the weight on the bar needs to be lighter and each set must be easier to perform compared to previous weeks. Then a nice little 12 min couplet 

• Starts our Gymnastic endurance during de-load week with the focus on improving our gymnastics pulling capacity using the air squats to recover. Then we have a fast 15 min triplet with the focus on moving constantly

• Weightlifting component is working specifically on the receiving position of the Snatch with two important drills followed by a similar mid-length metcon that is all about spiking the heart rate and then being able to maintaining load on the barbell

• Metcon is a short 10 min Push/Pull combo but first we have a little Plyo-Session! We’re  working on explosive power that directly translates to improved heavy lifts. Plyometrics allow the body to react similarly to when performing a 1RM lift without the skeletal and Central Nervous System demands of the body supporting heavy weight

• Our goal here is to improve gymnastics pulling ability, so we have given an immense focus to the bar muscle up with an active recovery run. Then we have a cool 18 min metcon EMOM triplet 

• Shifting things a bit by combining our longer endurance workout with Partner Saturday

• Longer endurance work with our first crack at a 2021 Games workout!

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around