Programming this week

Week 31 marks the beginning our Fitness Phase. The main goal of the next few weeks is to make you fit and comfortable under fatigue/with a high heart rate. We will alternate between higher & lower intensity days. If you want to see optimal results, it’s really important that you respect this and that you stay disciplined on the lower intensity day in order to let your body recover and push even harder in the high intensity pieces. This week will be fun and full of classic CrossFit. We still have some strength work such as some snatch sections, back squats and deadlifts but they are slightly higher rep which means lots of huffing & puffing. Our metcons will be varied between couplets, triplets, quadruplets, basically all of the “plets”.

• Gymnastics Endurance EMOM Couplet followed by some Rope Climbs & Pistols

• Snatch work EMOM with a 16 min AMRAP afterwards

• Back Squat progression with a “choose your own adventure” style chipper for the Metcon

• Heavy Deadlift with a no rest “Fight Gone Bad” style metcon 

• Another gymnastics endurance workout (like Monday) followed by a classic triplet style metcon

• It’s always better with a friend… So our usual Partner Party continues  

• Constantly varied is part of Crossfit right? Distance run to improve our aerobic capacity

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around