Programming this week

Week 33. We are in the middle of some pretty intense fitness prep. As a refresher the goal of this phase is to get more comfortable moving our bodies with a higher hate rate. It is intended to improve general capacity and transfer strength and power gains from previous cycles into performance. Workouts are intense and strength pieces will challenge everyone. In our strength portions we’ve got snatches, bar muscle ups, squats and strict presses and in our metcons we’ve sprinkled lots of triplet and couplets including more Rope climbs and some pretty high rep gymnastics

• Heavy Snatch work with some barbell cycling

• More upper body pulling & power endurance with a very balanced & fun triplet that mixes weightlifting, metabolic, & gymnastics

• Final week of the Back Squat progression followed by our high intensity day

• Pure Endurance couplet 

• Strict press work that starts nonchalant but gets pretty spicy! Then we get to enjoy a balanced high intensity AMRAP

• Coach Seth leads us thru a partner journey with some of our best girl friends!

• Aggressive interval work that will not be comfortable!

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around