• HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! This doesn’t simply mean bringing water to class, but rather being intentional about your water intake from the moment you wake up.  Not a fan of water? There are other ways to hydrate like with hydrating foods!
  • Nutrition Coaching – Ashlyn has spots! Woo! If you’re interested in healing your relationship with food, learning how to fuel your body, and want to understand your body from a deep-health perspective, sign-up here.

Programming this week

Week 6 of 8 of our weightlifting cycle. Things are getting heavy which means your warm-up and recovery and so important. This cycle will end on August 21st. 

•Split Jerk. Metcon of dubs, machine, kbs, and front squats.

•Clean complex. Metcon of burpee box jump overs and overhead squats.

•Squat snatch. Metcon of toes to bar, deadlift, and ring dips.

•Gymnastics day. Metcon of hang power clean, rowing, and long jumps.

•Back squats. Metcon of running, DB step ups, wall balls, and DB snatch.

• Partner workout with handstand pushups, front squats, and rowing

•Upper body bump and shoulder stability endurance!!

Coach Ashlyn and Coach Marni