CFS Annual Murph FAQ:

What is it?
Murph is a hero workout in honor of a fallen soldier. It is the biggest, most fun event of the year at our box. The CFS community comes together to support each other and have a blast.
There will be an inflatable jumper for the kids and a BBQ after!

When is it?
Memorial Day

Do I have to register on the official site?
No. We encourage athletes to register, you get a cool shirt and the money is for a good cause, but it is not required to do the workout. You can register here:

Are there scaling options?
Yes. There are many ways to change it up for your fitness level. You can do half Murph. You can use bands for assistance with pull-ups and pushups, whatever it takes. Change the rep scheme to “Cindy Murph” 5/10/15, talk to a coach for more options.

How long does it take?
1 hour or less. If it takes a few minutes more to get it done, go for it. But 90min is probably too long. Scale accordingly.

Should I do Murph with a weight vest?
You should be able to complete ‘Murph’ in under one hour without a weight vest first. If you plan to use the vest, you should do some practice runs and workouts with a vest in the weeks before Murph.

What if I’m new to CrossFit?
No problem. Any fitness level can attempt Murph by scaling the movements, rep scheme, etc. It’s a great community event and a total blast!

Can I get rhabdo from Murph?
Yes. It is a low percentage of athletes, but hi rep body weight movements, insufficient hydration (blog post on hydration from Meredith coming soon!), and lack of electrolytes can all combine to lead to rhabdo. All this on a hot humid day in North Carolina? It can happen folks. Listen to your body, hydrate way more than you think you should, and replace electrolytes during the workout. Take smart rests and shake out the limbs. More about rhabdo here:

Will it be crowded?
Yes. This is our most popular event of the year, with a great turnout. There will be three heats. Sign up sheets for each heat are at the box.

Will there be a guided warmup?
No. Arrive early and warm up on your own or form a group and warm up together. Being social is encouraged!

Can I bring a guest?
Absolutely! They will need to sign a waiver and pay the drop in fee. Arrive early because the waiver takes time.

Will there be food and refreshments?
Yes!! We will have a BBQ going. Bring beverages, side dishes, and desserts. Beer is welcome.

Want more info about Murph the man and how this workout came to be, plus strategies? Here’s a great article:

Murph—Why We Do It

-Coach Doza