Raise your hand if you know what I mean by the term Bright Spots?  Hmmm, that’s what I thought–probably not ringing a bell.  This term is becoming more common around CrossFit Surmount, though.  We are trying to shift the mindset of our athletes to always find something positive to celebrate.  And while PRs are excellent, they usually have some sort of number attached to them–or so that’s the perception.  Numbers can be awesome but at times they can be defeating.  The best example I can come up with is the number on the scale (nutrition references come to me very easily).  You know we all do it, you’ve been working super hard in the gym, you’ve been eating well, you’ve been getting stronger with the weight lifting, and it’s time you decided to see if all that hard work paid off.  As a Dietitian Nutritionist, I’d stop you right there with that mindset, but for the sake of this example I’ll keep going.  So you break out the scale, get on it, and BAM the number hasn’t changed! It might have even gone up!  GAH!  See what numbers can do?  A feeling of disappointment can come over you, or despair, or maybe a feeling of wanting to quit?  I don’t like numbers.  If used properly they can give you a great baseline and objective measure, but more often than not, it sets a certain expectation.  And if that expectation isn’t met, recovering mentally for that can be tough.


At CrossFit Surmount,  we now have a PR and Bright Spots Board.  By using the terminology Bright Spots, our goal is to get athletes to shift the focus from just the physical and “putting up big numbers,” or from the leaderboard, to celebrating all accomplishments!  We want to redefine our goals from just numbers to other measurable things (i.e. wake up early, get into the gym 3x/week, feeling great in my clothes, more energy during the day).


Bright Spots, can and should be celebrated at all times! They can be PRs, or a new skill (double unders), but they should be so much more than that!  What small successes have you done outside of the gym and inside the gym that are getting you to your larger goals?  What about waking up early and having some ME time?  Or what about meal prep? Drinking 80oz of water? Journaling? How about writing down your bright spot/win for the day?  I encourage everyone to find a few things that you are currently doing right and do this each day! Go ahead, name 3 things, right now!