Carving out some ME time

I’m writing this post at 6am, as I made the conscious decision to wake up at 5:30am, in hopes of getting some work done in the wee morning hours before the kids wake up. So far, it’s been a success and they’re all still asleep (this is not always the case as I swear they know when I get up early). I could have hit my snooze button and had another hour of sleep, but then where would I be? That’s right, no ME time, scrambling to play catch up, and no quiet time to get my head together for the day! We all need time to ourselves and you better believe part of that ME time comes with my time to work-out; it’s my escape and it brings me sanity.
Being in the fitness industry for many many years now, I often hear “I’m too busy,” or “I don’t have time to work out.” I get it! There’s always something that will pop up and distract us. It’s inevitable and with technology, these days, it seems it’s even more difficult to get away. A recent blog post from a CrossFit gym wrote on this topic and stated “successful people live very stressful and hectic lives. But ask those people and they most likely have carved some time out for themselves.” Why do you think they have made themselves a priority? Because time away from being connected gives the opportunity for growth, change, ideas, and in my experience, to get to understand yourself even better!

Here are 3 ways you can create some ME time so that you can gain a few more hours in the week:

Go to bed/wake up earlier
Get a good nights’ sleep and get up early to tackle the day! Haven’t you experienced the day that you’ve “slept in” and you felt the whole-day was gone? Or that you aren’t as productive? At the beginning of the day you haven’t had the work pile on yet. Your brain gets a chance to process and think through the day without being interrupted. This would be a great time to go and workout! Set your day up for success by doing something positive for you, your body, and your mind! What better way to start the day! And hey, you will be amazed what you can accomplish when you feel good!

Time Block
I’ve recently started doing a gratitude journal and included in this is to time block. That means every hour is accounted for in my day. I give myself an hour in the morning to do some work, write, drink coffee, and journal (5:30-6:30am). Then I move on to getting the kids ready for the day (6:30-9am). Then I’m back to doing more work from 9am-11am while the baby sleeps. And so on and so on. It’s hard to stay disciplined but I’m working on it. While that time block is going on, that task is what I’m focusing on. I’m not going to lie, working from in the house, there are a ton of distractions! It’s easy to get side tracked and jump around, multitasking. But it’s important, for productivity and sanity, to stay focused. It feels great crossing things off the to-do list! If you haven’t guessed, this is why I’ve ALWAYS had to work out outside of the house. I know that about myself, and carving time out of the day to get to the gym or yoga is essential! Otherwise, it just won’t get done. Thankfully, Nick has the same priorities, so we have always made it work within our schedule. Notice, though, the key word here is priority—taking me to the third way to gain some more hours.

Make yourself a priority
Take some time to evaluate your day. Where do your needs fit in that picture? That’s right, it’s time to make yourself a priority! It’s easy to forget about ourselves in the process of trying to take care of all the tasks, day to day work, and other people. Remember, it always starts with you and extends beyond that. As my mom has always said, you are the barometer of the house. Everyone feeds off you! If I’m edgy, the whole house is edgy. If I start my day off on the right foot, the house is calmer and less chaotic. If an hour a day is just too much, then start with an hour of week of dedicating time to you! It’s called self-care.

The first thing I saw this morning happened to be this quote (thanks again, Heather!):
“And if I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take you for you to name yourself? -unknown

Remember, folks, it starts with you! You have the choice to find ME time! Now, stop reading this post, get off social media, and get to work with making yourself, your physical and mental health, a priority!